Necklace -  Dichroic Glass (Small Rectangle)

Necklace - Dichroic Glass (Small Rectangle)

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Necklace is made of fused dichroic glass with multi colors, making each design unique.  Made by Ron Lohrding, an Award Winning Fused Dichroic Glass Artist in New Mexico.  Necklace measures 1"x1/2" (16" Leather Cord).

Dichroic glass produces a chameleon effect in which the color of the glass changes with the amount of light being absorbed or reflected, generating shifting patterns of exceptional beauty.  

Lohrding Design - Ron Lohrding is a retired PhD Mathematician/Scientist.  Fused glass design emphasizing dichroic glass is his art medium. He is stimulated by the dichroic brilliance of the glass and uses the aesthetically appearing ancient golden ratio and the mathematically related Fibonacci sequence for proportions of his design. The golden ratio was used a great deal in the art of Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo. The eye pleasing use of rectangles by architect Frank Lloyd Wright is also inspiring. He uses shapes, sizes, colors, and reflectance to try to produce visional poetry in the creation of unique Wall Art, Wall Crosses, and Jewelry.