Merry Christmas My Friend Holiday Card

Merry Christmas My Friend Holiday Card

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Inside sentiment: As the Christmas season comes upon us, it reminds me how blessed I am to have you in my life. As friends, we've been through so much together. And each year brings us even closer as our bond grows and grows.

People often joke and say silly things like, "I have to keep you as my know too much!" as if that's a bad thing. But over the years, the more we learn and share, the more relaxed we are with each other. I can't even begin to describe how comforting it is to be able to talk to you about anything and not have to preface it with a long, drawn-out history. You already know all the details and contingencies. We are at the point where one of us can start a thought and the other will finish it.

I am grateful for that kind of intimacy...that kind of friendship. It's a rare and precious thing.

So as we celebrate yet another Christmas, I also celebrate another year of having you in my life. I have received the greatest gift of all...your love, acceptance, and unending friendship.

Merry Christmas