Gurgle Pot - Mini (More Colors Available)

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The Gurgle Pot is more than just a beverage pitcher.  It produces a delightful "gurgling" sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring.  Mini Gurgle Pot is 4" tall.

The Gurgle Pot Story: While the artist was attending his brother's wedding in a small village in Southern France, guests were matched with French hosts.  His hosts spoke no English and he spoke no French, which made the dinner conversation a challenge.  Long stretches of awkward silences were compounded by the fact that French dinners can last for 3-4 hours. There was, however, one saving grace...a fish shaped water pitcher that "gurgled." He found himself drinking more water than wine so that he could fill the silent room with "gurgling" and unite the table with smiles.  Inspired by the lighthearted effect of the gurgling sound, he returned home and began sculpting his own version.  He is confident that it will create similar smiles around your dining table for years to come!