For My Wife on Mother's Day Mother's Day Card

For My Wife on Mother's Day Mother's Day Card

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Inside Greeting:  Things come and go in y life, thoughts and feelings change. But my love for you always remains, growing stronger each day. I love you always. You've given me some of the nicest times I've ever known. You have been, and you are, my dearest friend and my cherished love. Most importantly, you are yourself - the most desirable, exciting person I have ever known - filling a place in my life that only you can.

I care for you in ways I've never known before. You've given me more than I'd ever expected to find, shown me things about myself I never knew before, and let me experience the joy of loving someone who's perfect for me. I am forever grateful for each moment we have together, for the hope and excitement I feel with each thought of tomorrow and you. I feel so fortunate to hold your love in the center of my life and heart.

All My Love to You on Mother's Day





By Blue Mountain Arts