Family Is at the Heart of Christmas Holiday Card

Family Is at the Heart of Christmas Holiday Card

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Inside sentiment: Family is where kindness shines its light, and confidence and courage nurtured. It's where togetherness creates connections that strengthen bonds - a coming together of hearts and spirits to support one another and love unconditionally.

Family is where joyfulness is born, laughter lives, and troubles are met with combined strength. It's more than just DNA - it's the heart of life and the source of life's miracles.

Family is the starting place to finding your own passions and paths in life - a launching pad for new goals and plans, and a safe place to land when you're falling.  Family will stay with you through all the seasons of your life.

I'm so thankful you're my family. You are the heart of my deepest love, my highest joys, and my greatest pride.

Merry Christmas