A "Forever Note" for My Son Holiday Card

A "Forever Note" for My Son Holiday Card

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Inside sentiment: If there is one special Christmas card you set aside and keep forever, I hope it will be this one...

My biggest smiles come from thinking of you. My favorite memories all have reflections of you in them. And I know how it feels to love someone with all my heart...because that's how I love you.

There are probably far too many things in my life that I take for granted. But you will never, ever be one of them. I know how blessed I am to have you here. In every way. I am proud of you to the nth degree, and I can't help thinking of what utter and absolute joy I would have missed...if I hadn't had the gift...of you in my life.

You will always be my special guy. And I will always be so grateful for you.

Merry Christmas, with Best Wishes, Always & Love Forever