Large Porcelain Vase (Red/Tan/White)

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This beautiful hand-thrown porcelain vase by a local artist makes the perfect addition to anyone's home!   Made in NM.  

Measures approximately 4.75" tall and 4" wide

About the artist:  A native Chicagoan, Jim Klarkowski fell in love with throwing on the potter's wheel in 1976 when he took his first ceramics class.  He bought a potter's wheel that year and became infatuated with throwing porcelain clay bodies.  A nerd by training, Jim finds "balance and relaxation" in throwing and finds the symmetry of thrown pottery pleasing.  Jim and his wheel became New Mexicans in 1980 and Jim has been "playing in the mud" in NM ever since.  A happily married father of four, Jim's excited about joining the ScoJo's family.